My brother is a horror fan. He was, like, oh my god, raised on Freddy Krueger in the 80′s.  He chased my sister and I around with his Freddy glove. He memorized every sequel to Nightmare On Elm Street before the ripe old age of 8. Yes at age 8- because I was, unfortunately for him, his teenage babysitter.  Note:  My son does NOT get to watch Freddy Krueger. He’s lucky to catch a glimpse of Godzilla movies from the 60′s, unless Grandpa’s watching him and that’s an entirely different blog post.

Another poor child I babysat, who is now 39 years old, recently shared  her fond’ish’ horrific memories of watching the Shining at my house at around age 8. Yes, I was her babysitter too. Funny thing is- I hate horror flicks. Maybe I hated babysitting more?

shining_ahwahnee 1
Anyhow, on my bro’s first trip to Yosemite , I persuaded him to visit the Ahwahnee before we went home.

As he entered the Awhahnee with his mouth agape,  he nervously yanked out his camera and he was GONE.

The Shining was all over the place for him-flashbacks and everything. He began snapping away and, to my horror, he has a photographic memory of that movie.

Poor kid.

Elevator At Ahwanee - The Shining


Red Rum

Red Rummm….ewww again.

The Ahwahnee Lounge Comparison to Shining

 Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy your next stay at the Ahwahnee!

Photo credits: Larry Goss Jr. (my possessed brother)

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